Breckels Massage Therapy, Inc.

At Breckels Massage you can count on getting a great massage every time you come! Whether you receive a relaxation, swedish, pain relief, therapeutic, shiatsu, athletic, deep tissue or a combination massage, our goal is to provide a wholesome and healthy service that will help you feel great. We are committed to providing great service with love and respect to everyone who enters our little oasis from the stressful world we live in as we have done for the past 28 years.  We won't try to sell you a new-age cure all and we won't try to sell you a regiment of beauty and spa treatments that imply you are not okay just as you are.  We simply provide an honest, straight forward massage, that will leave you feeling relaxed and with less muscle pain and tension.  We look forward to meeting you!


Our Philosophy:
At Breckels Massage we feel Massage Therapy is a great way to reduce stress, reduce pain and generally boost your mood.  We don't feel the need to add spa services that are only skin deep.  We focus on a massage that makes you feel good and adds to your overall sense of well being.   We hope it will help you achieve a deep level of relaxation, give you greater freedom of movement, help loosen up tight muscles, and reduce anxiety and stress.



Complimentary Services:

 Hydrotherapy: Moist heat is soothing and helps relax the muscles. We use hot towels, hydrocollators and electric moist-heat pads to help keep you warm and ease tired, sore muscles (optional, of course).  We're proud to support our Michigan businesses by using the Battle Creek thermaphore moist heat pad which is made in Battle Creek, MI (available for sale at BMT).

Aromotherapy: We use pleasant, but not overpowering, essential oils to add to the relaxation experience during your massage. Your therapist will always ask you if you prefer scented or unscented oils.  Also proud to use Spearmint essential oils grown and processed on Crosby Mint Farm in St. Johns, Michigan!

Music: Music can help make or break a massage! We always have good music playing from a high-quality sound system in each room. Since we know that everyone has different tastes in music, we take requests, and we keep a variety of genres (classical, new age, jazz, folk, pop, even elevator music!) on hand.  And when you're in that "Silence is Golden" kind of mood, we can turn of all music, wave machines, etc...


Heated Tables:  There's nothing worse than getting a massage when you're cold.   All our tables are heated and we have nice cozy blankets to keep you warm as well.   Of course we can turn the heat off if you tend to run warm.  Just keep us informed of your comfort level and we'll adjust the environment for you.



This should go with out saying but a one-hour massage lasts one full hour. Once you are comfortable in your room, your therapist will start keeping track of time when she lays her hands on your body and does not stop until at least 60 minutes have passed (assuming you have arrived on time). We typically allow 15 minutes in between massages to take care of all the incidentals. We are a massage-therapy studio, after all, where time naturally slows down. We never want to rush you in and out.  


Our philosophy has always been to provide the very best massage therapy suited to each client's specific needs. We take pride in our work, and we cherish your feedback. Of course, we love the wonderful compliments we hear every day, but we also value your suggestions on how to make your massage experience better. Please let us know if there is any way we can improve our service.


What to expect for your first massage:

There is a one-page information sheet for you to fill out, which will notify us of any medical problems you may have as well as areas on which you would like us to focus. After that, your therapist will show you to your room, where you will be instructed to take off as much clothing as you are comfortable with. The therapist will leave the room while you are undressing, and you will lie on the table under a sheet and blanket. The therapist will only uncover the area she is working on. We ask that you inform us if at any time the therapist is using too much or not enough pressure, or if you are uncomfortable in any way (too warm, too cold, face rest not positioned right, etc.). We want you to have the most enjoyable and therapeutic massage possible, and although we consistently give great massages, we have never been able to master the art of mind reading (as much as we try)! Your feedback is very important to us.


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